Cold Cut Distribution's Feature Spotlight #38 - Nov/Dec 1998

Reality Check

Publisher: Sirius Comics
Writers & Artists: Rosearik Rikki-Simons & Tavisha Wolfgarth
Cover Price:$2.95
Issues Available:10 + GN


When teenager Collin Meeks finally gets his hands on the latest state-of-the-art virtual reality play system, he's overjoyed. Finally on par with the other kids at school, he can "go with them" to virtual reality theme parks, virtual beaches, and other typical teenage summer hangouts. But when his curious and oh-so-intelligent cat Catreece flips on the system and crawls inside the helmet, she appears in the VR world as a bouncy, hyperactive, cat girl. The other people playing in VR are sure she's just a human wearing a "virtual fur suit" for fun, but Collin knows better. And somehow, she's able to get around the human limitations on the system, learning how to interact with VR novels, control her VR travels, and even break into other people's VR. How can she do that? On the other hand, how can Collin stop her?

Writing Review:

Perfectly hilarious near-future hyper-reality adventure, with funny bits as Catreece deals with human phrases and actions which don't have any meaning for her as a cat, action-filled bits as she gets caught in a madman's attempt to destroy most of the VR world with a "puffy cats" virus, and romantic bits as Collin finds himself alternately drawn to and exasperated by his cat. Or is Catreece his cat any more at all?

(Click on the panel to see a whole page of art from RC).

Art Review:

Synchronized to the light subject matter, the art is presented in full color, and rightfully so. The VR sequences are cute and colorful, Catreece is cute and cuddly, and even Collin looks like a teenage Everyman, but cuter. With many of the hallmarks of humorous manga art (from muttered asides to pictogram thgouth balloons), manga fans should get a big kick out of RC!


Fans of Ninja High School will eat up Reality Check, another book made with the same sensibilities. Readers who enjoyed the "VR world" of Axis Mundi and could stand to read a humorous adventure set in the same sort of world should go for it.

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