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February 27, 2008

After thirteen years of distributing small-press and independent comic books, Cold Cut Distribution has been sold to a set of new owners and is moving to Chicago!

You can find the site of the new Haven Distribution at havendistro.com!

Cold Cut has been closed since late January as the warehouse and most of its contents were packed up and shipped across the country, and the new owners are in the process of setting up their new warehouse. Cold Cut should be back open for business again by March 3. Starting February 27, the online catalog will be active again, though many items will appear as "out of stock" until they are unpacked, reshelved, and re-entered into Cold Cut's inventory system. The new ownership have infused the company with new energy and money, and are busy also restocking all the major lines of product. In particular, a fresh order of all Slave Labor Graphics books was shipped along with the warehouse, so Slave Labor books will be available on the day the business re-opens.

The toll-free number is not changing, nor is the email address, though the fax line and land-line phone number will of course be changing. More details about Cold Cut's move and relaunch will be forthcoming in March.

Looking for the latest Cold Cut News?

You can find out the latest news and information about Cold Cut through our Weekly Update! NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Once a week, we put together a list of all newly-arrived books at Cold Cut, as well as recently-stocked items, and clearance-sale items. To see the latest Weekly Update, please visit:

Weekly Updates at ==> http://coldcutnews.livejournal.com

Or, if you prefer to receive our Weekly Updates through email, Sign Up Here.

Also, please visit our Online Ordering System (information listed directly below), which has its inventory catalog updated every 24 hours! You can check any item in our catalog, including price, discount, and current stocking status at any time. (Cold Cut Distribution no longer publishes a print version of our catalog, but you can find everything you need through our Online Catalog.)

As always, if you have any questions about Cold Cut, please feel free to call us at any time TOLL-FREE at 1-866-4-COLD-CUT -- we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is Cold Cut Distribution?

Cold Cut Distribution is your best wholesale source for quality independent comics!

Cold Cut Distribution is a wholesale distributor of small press and independent comic books (we sell to comic book retailers, not to individual comic readers). We offer instant reorders on over 10,000 comic books and graphic novels from hundreds of independent publishers, all at competitive reorder discounts that often match or beat the prices available from other distributors. But more importantly, we have the books in stock, available now for immediate delivery - there is no need to wait for back orders which may or may not be filled. Everything from Eightball to Johnny under one roof, including T-Shirts, CDs, and other ancilliary merchandise!

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Don't have a login ID and password? Don't worry -- it just takes a couple of minutes! To sign up to order online, just email us, or call us toll free in the USA at 1-866-4-COLD-CUT to get a login and password, and you're set to go online!

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