Cold Cut Distribution's Feature Spotlight #28 - October 1997


Publisher:	Helikon Comics
Story & Art:	Tara Tallan (nee Jenkins)
Cover Price:	$2.95
Frequency:	Bi-monthly
[ panel from Galaxion ]


After achieving basic space flight and colonizing the Moon and Mars, mankind had only one major hurdle left - a truly efficient method of exploring other galaxies and solar systems. With the discovery of the Nelson Engines, which provide access to hyperspatial jumping, this final problem has been solved... or has it?

The first ship to attempt a hyperspatial jump disappeared without a trace - the second returned with its electronics completely burnt out, a depowered husk of a ship whose crew barely made it back alive. But the returning crew have commandeered a third ship to try again, the science vessel Galaxion. Joining with some of the Galaxion's original crew, and now commanded by the wife of the inventor of the Nelson Engines, the third attempt to successfully traverse hyperspace is made, but something goes wrong again...

Writing Review:

Like the best work of Robert Heinlein, Jenkins takes a science-fictional concept, mixes in the adventure of pioneering and tells a story about people and how they are affected by, involved with, and ultimately better than the technology which surrounds them.

Some story elements borrow from classic science fiction tales (notably Heinlein and Robotech), but they're put together in a refreshingly original display, with engaging characters, exciting problems, and intriguing backstory. With only three issues under her belt, Tara's already got interesting and distinct personalities for four characters and is seriously developing the others. Somewhat slower-paced than your average comic, Galaxion takes time for character development, painting a rich cast with color and depth. Excellent scripting and dialogue only adds to the verisimilitude of this gem of a book.
[ panels from Galaxion ]

Art Review:

While clearly manga-influenced, Tara seems to reach for a blend of Terry Moore and M'Oak with splashes of Dr. Seuss and Ben Dunn mixed in as well. While recognizing these and other influences, Tara's got a style all her own: a fluid, lively and expressive pen with varied backgrounds, different shadings, depth, expression - wonderful work.


Galaxion will appeal to all fans of early Heinlein (or even his offbeat later adventure stuff like "Number of the Beast"), as well as readers of Wandering Star, Robotech, Strange Attractors, and Hilly Rose. Readers of Thieves & Kings may want to check out this series after reading the preview in T&K 16, Ragmop readers may appreciate the space exploration, and fans of Strangers in Paradise will appreciate the relationships and adventures of this galactic crew.

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