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From time to time, Cold Cut releases an Electronic Inventory File which contains listings for every item in Cold Cut's inventory, including all items which are in stock as well as items which are expected to be in stock shortly. Items are listed and identified as being one of the following:

  • Currently in stock at Cold Cut
  • Temporarily out of stock but on order,
  • Temporarily out of stock and not yet on order,
  • Out of print from the publisher,
  • or available on Special Order from Cold Cut.
Items are not listed in the inventory file:
  • If they are not yet available (not yet ordered by Cold Cut from the publisher),
  • If they are no longer carried by Cold Cut (including all permanently-out-of-print items)
  • If they are not carried by Cold Cut (for instance, items which are from "exclusive" publishers like Marvel)

The Cold Cut Inventory File is a quotes-and-commas delimited database file, suitable for importing into any spreadsheet or database program such as Microsoft Excel or Filemaker Pro. You can use this file to help you order from Cold Cut. For instance,

  • You can use the Item Codes listed in the file when ordering via fax or email (though it's usually easier to just tell us the title and issue number when ordering over the phone). Using the item code makes it crystal clear which items you are ordering, even in cases where titles have multiple series (like Ranma 1/2) or multiple variants or sizes (such as T-shirt sizes).
  • You can easily search through this database file to look for items. For instance, if you know it's got "Elves" in the title, you can search for that word and find "Poison Elves" quite easily.
  • You can use the file to determine which items are out of print from the publisher.
  • You can calculate potential order sizes by using a spreadsheet to calculate your total retail value and cost.
  • ... and lots more uses!

The Cold Cut Inventory File is updated every 24 hours!

This Inventory File Date: 07-18-13

Downloading the File

Warning: Cold Cut's inventory is quite large! We have in stock over 10,000 items from hundreds of publishers. Because of this, our inventory file is also quite large, usually well over 1MB in size. We have therefore created a shorter version of the file for those who want to download it and use it to order, but not necessarily load it into a database or spreadsheet.

The long version of the file (about 1600 K) is quotes-and-commas delimited, and contains all the fields listed in the format section of this page. The short version of the file (about 900K) is tab-delimited and contains only the following fields: Product Code, Product Name, Publisher, Discount Code, Retail Price, and Stock Status.

Download one of the versions of the Cold Cut Inventory File
The long version of the file, in compressed ZIP format.
Clicking on this link will download the large version of the inventory file to your hard drive as a ZIP file. ZIP format is a compression format that saves a lot of downloading time - for example, our inventory file of approximately 1800 K of text is only about 270K when compressed in ZIP format - about one-seventh the size. Your browser should automatically let you save this ZIP file to your hard drive, and may even automatically un-compress the file for you when it is downloaded, depending on the browser you use.
Compressed ZIP version of file
The long version of the file, in normal TEXT format.
Clicking on this link will load this large file into your browser, and then you can "Save As" from your browser to save the file onto your hard disk so you can load it into your spreadsheet or database program.
Long TEXT version of file
The short version of the file, in normal TEXT format.
Clicking on this link will load this short, tab-delineated file into your browser, and then you can "Save As" from your browser to save the file onto your hard disk, or just print it directly from your browser.
Short TEXT version of file

(NEW 03/2004): If you are building an automated tool which requires the links to these files remain the same, you can use the following links. These links, while they will retain the same URL each day, always point to the latest versions of the files.

To download any of the files directly onto your hard disk without loading it into your browser:

  • On Windows platforms, right click on the appropriate link above and choose to either "Save Target As..." (in Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (in Netscape).
  • On Macintosh, click and hold the mouse on the link above, and after a few seconds, a popup menu will appear. From that menu, choose either to "Download Link To Disk" (in Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (in Netscape).

Format of the Inventory File

The long version of the Cold Cut Inventory File is an eleven-column database file in straight ASCII text, in quotes-and-commas format. The eleven columns are:
Field Example Description
Cold Cut Item Code POKE202 The item code Cold Cut has assigned to this item. We do not generally assign different item codes for different printings of items - the item code refers to the most recent printing only. If you need a specific printing, be sure to tell us.
Item Title & Issue Number Pokemon vol 2 #2: Pikachu Shocks Back The full title and issue number for the item. For T-shirts, this includes the size. For videos, this includes text describing whether it is subtitled or dubbed. This field may include other information pertinent to identifying the item (such as variant cover description, or T-shirt color).
Item Type Comic Book The type of the item, in broad terms. There are only twelve different item types at Cold Cut: Comic Book, Graphic Novel, T-Shirt, etc.
Publisher Viz The name of the publisher or supplier for this item. Some items do not have publishers associated with them; this means they were added before our cross-indexing system was in place. We are gradually updating our systems to include publisher names on all items.
Bar Code 01156984311 The bar code number on the UPC of the item, if applicable. Most items Cold Cut sells do not have UPC codes. Only a few hundred items have bar codes entered in our database, but that number is growing. Not all items with bar codes have their number in our inventory database.
Genre(s) Manga We are gradually updating our database to include some basic Genre information. Most adult items currently have genre "Adult", for instance, and most manga books have genre "Manga". We will continue to expand our genre classifications and identifications as time permits. Becuase we have recently added a significant number of genres to our classification system, we have begun using genre codes instead of full names. The Genre Codes include:
AD=Adult AM=American Manga BI=Biographical
EU=European FU=Furry/Anthro GO=Goth
HU=Humor IN=Informational KI=Kid-Friendly
MA=Manga ME=Media SF=Science Fiction
Stock Status In Stock A short description of the status of the item in our inventory.
  • "In Stock" means there are currently copies of the item in stock at Cold Cut.
  • "On Order" means there are copies of the item due in to Cold Cut within the next 15 days.
  • "Out Of Stock" means there are few or no copies of the item in stock at Cold Cut, and none are expected in within the next 15 days. Items which are "Out Of Stock" are usually available through Cold Cut again about three to four weeks later.
  • "Out Of Print From Publisher" means the publisher has informed us the item is no longer available for wholesale. The item may be reprinted or made available again later, or it may be permanently out of print.
  • "Special Order" means the item is available as a Special Order from Cold Cut - we usually do not have copies of the item in stock, but can get them from the publisher in only a few days, upon request.
Feel free to order any items listed in our inventory file, regardless of their stock status - but items with stock statuses indicating they are unavailable will probably still not be available when your order is packed, so don't expect to receive them. However, items are received at Cold Cut every day, and an "On Order" item could arrive at our warehouse the very next day - so feel free to order!
Reader Level mr An indication of the appropriate audience for the item. General audience items (such as Pokemon) have no entry in this field. The three possible values for this field are:
  • "mr" means "For Mature Readers" (for example, Naughty Bits)
  • "adult" means "Adults Only" (for example, Eros Comix).
  • No value in the field means "General Audiences" (for example, Tintin)
Suggested Retail Price 3.25 The retail price of the item (for comics this is usually the cover price), in US dollars. This is the price Cold Cut uses to calculate the "Total Retail Value" of your order. See Our Terms of Sale page for more details.
Discount Code 42 Cold Cut's discount for the item (in percent). Everything offered by Cold Cut is available at a flat-rate discount. You can read about our discounts at Our Terms of Sale page.
Creator Credits Toshihiro Ono A list of the writers and artists credited in this issue or book. Only some of the items in our Inventory File currently have creator credits, but we add them as we find time. This field should help you find books by notable creators, or find elusive materials for your customers.

Please let us know if you would like any other information added to our Inventory File - we're happy to help!

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