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Getting Started!

Opening an account with Cold Cut is easy! Just call or email with your first order. You must have a business license or resale certificate available to open an account.

Your order must be at least $25 retail value. There is no minimum quantity per issue. Initial credit terms are COD, prepaid, or credit card unless other arrangements are made.

Call or today to start stocking quality independents!
(or 1-831-751-7300 for international accounts)

Cold Cut Distribution is the industry's leading reorder distributor for quality independent comics. We offer "instant reorders" on thousands of titles from more than 200 different independent publishers, all at competitive reorder discounts that often match or beat the prices available from the big distributors.

Why Use Cold Cut?

  1. Selection.
    Nobody else in the industry has the variety of independent comics in stock like Cold Cut. We have runs of independent comics, from recent issues of Love and Rockets to early issues of Strangers in Paradise, in stock in depth. Check out our variety:
    • Steady Sellers
      Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Simpsons Comics, Knights of the Dinner Table, Milk & Cheese, Eightball, Optic Nerve, Ninja High School, Tintin, Asterix, Calvin and Hobbes, Naruto, Girl Genius and more!
    • Perennial Stock
      Ranma 1/2, Cartoon History Of The Universe, Battle Angel Alita, Simpsons, Strangers in Paradise, Fushigi Yugi, Maus, Acme Novelty Library, Neil Gaiman novels, Persepolis, Usagi Yojimbo, Jimmy Corrigan, Dragonball Z, Luis Royo books and lots more!
    • Current hits and surprise sellers
      Action Philosophers, Castle Waiting, Finder, A-G Super Erotic Anthology, Shaolin Cowboy, Boneyard, Gargoyles, Dead at 17, and more!
    • Manga
      Rurouni Kenshin, Inu Yasha, Onegai Teacher, One Piece, Battle Angel Alita, Kizuna Bonds of Love, Gold Digger, xxxHolic, Tezuka's Buddha, Negima, Nana, Ultra Maniac, more!
    • Critically Acclaimed
      Lost Girls, Palestine, Ghost World, A Scanner Darkly, Lewis Trondheim books, Summer Blonde, Walt and Skeezix, Blankets, Goodbye Chunky Rice, American Splendor, and more!

  2. Service.
    Our customer service is our trademark. When you call Cold Cut, you get a friendly salesperson who knows their stuff. We have information at our fingertips that other distributors only dream about. Want to know which "Battle Angel" trade paperback collects the issues from "Part 3"? Want to know if there will be another issue of Stray Bullets? Curious about the order of the Tintin books?

    We really know our stuff: we know what's in stock, what's out of stock, what's out of print, and what's just being reprinted. We know what's in first print, we know crossover books, we know artist credits.

    Ask us what size bags are best for those odd-sized books (we have 19 different size bags in stock). Ask us what books Jeffrey Brown or Lewis Trondheim has done. Ask us how many issues of Zap Comics were published. (Just don't ask us when the next issue of Milk and Cheese is coming out!)

    We can tell you when your order will go out, we can tell you what the total will be, we can tell you when to expect it to arrive, and exactly what's in it.

    Ask any retailer who's used us: our service is first-class all the way. You and your business are our top priority.

  3. Fill Rates.
    Our fill rates are second to none. Usually around 90%, sometimes even at 100%, when you order from Cold Cut you order with confidence. We do careful inventory tracking to try to keep our warehouse inventory in stock at all times, so you can be assured of getting it when you order from us.

  4. Pricing.
    We don't mark up "hot" books. Our job is not to gouge you, making gobs of profit on suddenly-hot comics to make up for large quantities of unsold "cold" books. We keep books at cover price so you can keep selling them. Regardless of how "hot" a book is, we've got it at a standard discount off of cover price.

    And our discounts are the best in the industry. No "additional reorder charge" applies -- every Cold Cut order is a reorder! With a top discount level of 50% and a 90% rebate on shipping (on larger-sized orders), you can often get a better deal from Cold Cut than from Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Diamond or even the publishers themselves!

Our Mission

While advance distributors focus on advance orders and treat reorders as secondary, or offer "instant reorders" for only a limited selection of mainly-mainstream trade paperbacks, we at Cold Cut put our energy into focusing on what we do best - getting reorders on runs of quality independents into stores where they can sell!

Need Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1? We have it in stock.
Need Strangers in Paradise? We've got it.
Why deal with dozens of different publishers when you can get the same discount from us - all your favorite and best-selling independent books available in one place, shipped carefully and promptly from our California warehouse!

Our goal is to provide retailers with first-class customer service, with knowledgeable salespeople answering your independent questions, prompt shipping (orders ship within two days of placement), fabulous fill rates of 90% or more, and competitive discounts.

We also strive to promote the small-press books that deserve better sales - we provide in-depth reviews to a dedicated retailer base, feature special promotions, and can refer retailers and readers alike to books they may like, that may sell well, or that are sleeper hits.

The Cold Cut Online Catalog.

The entire Cold Cut Catalog is now available online! Our Online Catalog is an easy-to-use, shopping-cart-style system, listing everything that Cold Cut has in stock and available for order! For each item, you are provided with the publisher's name, the discount level on the item, the retail price, and the current in-stock/out-of-stock status on that item. Plus, most items in our catalog also have sample illustrations, creator credits, descriptions, genre classifications and more!

Our Online Catalog can easily be searched, to find exactly what you are looking for. You can search the catalog by title, by artist, by publisher, by genre. You can also see a list of everything that is new within the past 10/20/30 days, you can see a list of Cold Cut's top 200 sellers, and also a list of items not available through Diamond Distributors!

Plus, the Online Catalog is updated EVERY 24 HOURS. You can enter the Online Catalog by entering your login ID and password into the boxes on the upper left-hand side of this page. If you do not have a login ID yet, just give us a call -- we can sign you up in a matter of minutes!

Currently, Cold Cut Distribution is not publishing a print version of our catalog.

As a supplement to our Online Catalog, we also have a Weekly Cold Cut Update! It features all the new items we've received in our warehouse over the previous week, as well as other inventory and stocking news. We e-mail the update every Monday. You can sign up for our Weekly Update here.

Or, you can find the latest Cold Cut Weekly Update at our Livejournal Community - No subscription required!

Contact Information

Want To Sign Up? If you're a retailer and want to be added to our mailing list, you can enter your information here, or if your browser does not support forms or you have specific questions, just with your store name, address, and phone number.

Or, you can add your email address to our Weekly Update! Once a week, you will receive an email in your in-box, detailing all of the items that are new-in-stock at Cold Cut, as well as a list or recently-restocked items, clearance sale books, and more. You can sign up for our Weekly Update here.

Or, send us physical mail or give us a call or fax: we'll be happy to answer any questions!

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  phone: 831-751-7300 or TOLL FREE at 1-866-4-COLD-CUT
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Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time, but is closed on holidays.

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