Cold Cut Distribution's Feature Spotlight #42 - March/April 2000

Far West

Publisher: Antarctic Press
Writer: Richard Moore
Artist: Richard Moore
Cover Price:$2.99
Issues Available:5


When notorious thief Darien Voss is on the run, it's every bounty hunter for themselves in this Old West shoot-em-up tale with a difference. The stars may be totin' six-guns, but the characters in this offbeat western are elves and other creatures of fantasy. The villain rides a dragon, and the hero is a rough-and-tumble elf girl nicknamed "Meg" with a talking bear for a partner.

As the miscreant's bad deeds begin to multiply, our heroes find themselves in competition with a more "professional" bounty-hunting company who's after the same thief. In the meantime, someone seems to have it in for Meg, as she thwarts a series of attempts on her life. Could it be their target who's after her?

Writing Review:

A clever merging of two different genres, Far West manages the tricky balancing act with flair. The fantasy elements are played as a matter-of-fact background to the action-packed adventure as Meg and her partner Phil search for Voss. Many deliberate splashes of humor are thrown in, often playing off the two genres involved, but sometimes just plain amusing stuff (the villain is wanted for "robbing trains, forgery, moving violations, and wearing mutton chops with a mustache"), which ends up making the whole tasty stew feeling something like an exciting Indiana Jones movie. Fluffy and action-filled with amusement and excitement galore.

[ panel from Far West ]
Art ©1999 by Richard Moore

Art Review:

A series which splashes around its art as much as its story, Far West features plenty of action sequences and a lot of barroom brawling, both of which Moore handles with aplomb. The star of the series seems to often be in some state of undress when villainy comes a-calling, which leads to a number of panels of good girl art.


Westerns in general may not be in much demand of late, but humorous adventure yarns are selling great! Try Far West with fans of Gold Digger, Top 10, Ironwood, Gremlin Trouble, and Castle Waiting.

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