Cold Cut Distribution's Feature Spotlight #31 - January 1998

The 3 Geeks


How To Pick Up Girls If You're A Comic Book Geek

Publisher:3 Finger Prints
Writer & Artist:Rich Koslowski
Cover Price:$2.50
($3.95 for "How To")
Issues Available:3 + "How To"


When you're so involved in comic collecting that it seems to be your life, you're a comic-book geek. With the helpful, colorful, and thoroughly hilarious How To Pick Up Girls If You're A Comic-Book Geek, Rich Koslowski hands out a number of helpful hints, some serious but all tongue-in-cheek, on how to impress girls when you're hopelessly stuck in a comic-book world. From simple advice like "don't try any comic-book-related gifts" to funny bits like keeping your comic lingo secret "like a secret identity", every line seems to hit home.

The color one-shot proved so successful that Rich brought his geeks back in the new black-and-white series The 3 Geeks, now detailing the Geeks' trip to their first Comicon, with hilarious in-jokes and oh-so-true-it's-funny con stories.
[ panel from 3 Geeks ]

Writing Review:

Rich's writing captures the absurdity of various levels of Geekiness convincingly and thoroughly. His 3 geeks include Allen, the boy so thoroughly lost in a comic-book world that he dresses, acts, and even talks like Thor; Jim, the Punisher fan who is so intense that he dresses in black all the time and forges his own knives; and Keith, the closest to normal of the trio, who organizes their outings and is a dedicated fan of the "mainstream" books and creators.

All of the writing is dead-on. It's light on plot, but then this comedy is about situations all fans are familiar with - plot is beside the point. It's more fun to simply watch the Geeks spend hours in a line to meet Stan Lee or search fruitlessly for a truly mint copy of a comic - just relax and enjoy the show!

Art Review:

Comedic stylings, interesting panel layout, fun with camera angles: Rich's art comes across as a mix of "Archie" and Scott Shaw! with a thoroughly engaging and lighthearted spin on an already-funny subject. Fun little asides include having recognizable pastiches of a number of industry pros as well as cameos from famous comic characters here and there - a solid, fun job.


The 3 Geeks and How To Pick Up Girls are both permanent stock items for every store which caters to diehard fans who enjoy a chuckle about fandom itself. Anyone who's been to cons or has pondered the problems of relating comic-books to the real world will love these books, and the timeless jokes poking fun at fans will be funny for years. Hand this to fans of Copybook Tales, Milk & Cheese, and everyone who's ever been to a comicon - and of course it should be required reading for all store employees!

[ panels from 3 Geeks ]

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