Cold Cut Distribution's Feature Spotlight #29 - November 1997


Publisher:	Sirius Comics / Dog Star (vol 2)
		Cheese Comics (vol 1)
Story & Art:	Jason Asala
Cover Price:	$2.50
Frequency:	Now monthly
Issues Available: 7 (total, in both series)


What if Edgar Allan Poe wasn't just imagining worlds of horror and mystery for his published poems and stories? What if he was instead drawing from his own personal experience?

Imagine that the love of Poe's life, his beloved Lenore, dies young, leaving the poet heartbroken. But soon an angel (perhaps?) appears to the griefstricken man and tells him that if he goes on a quest and defeats twelve demons, he will find Lenore once again.

Edgar immediately packs his meager belongings and heeds the angel's enigmatic advice to "follow the raven". He soon finds himself battling a witch, infiltrating a demonic cult, and picking up companions on his strange odyssey across an early American landscape at once familiar and foreboding.

Writing Review:

Grand epic questing in the tradition of Tolkien, but set in colonial America, where Poe will meet typical denizens of the country as well as soon-to-be-famous historical figures. Jason writes a classically-arranged quest, setting up loyal companions, fearsome foes, returning villains, and mystical monsters - but setting them all in 1800's America gives the entire story a wonderfully "familiar-yet-new" feeling. Wonderfully fun!

Art Review:

Asala's quirky, blocky style grows on you the more you read of Poe. His multi-layer "Gray-O-Vision" coloring is unusual and takes a bit of getting used to, but this unique approach to black-and-white begins to develop its own charm, and provides a depth and look to the series and the characters unlike any other. Poe's dark visage (and square, dark eyes) display an exhaustion and seriousness perfectly appropriate for the tale.


Poe will appeal to fans of questing adventure like Cerebus, Thieves & Kings or Pakkins' Land, but its historical setting and mystical topic should tweak the interest of readers of Joe R. Lansdale's supernatural westerns like Jonah Hex, or even historical horror like From Hell. Like a sort of "Sandman 1851", Poe mixes supernatural adventure and history in a way not seen since Lady Johanna Constantine rescued Orpheus from the French Revolution.

Fans of television shows like "Brisco County" or "The Wild, Wild West", movies like the Indiana Jones series, or classic historical adventure books like those by Jules Verne or H.G. Wells, will find parallels in Poe. Readers who like historical adventure in general (fans of DC's Chiller or Kents series) will also enjoy Poe, and should be happy to pick up another quality, monthly series.

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